MX Espai1010 is a project created for the distribution and interdisciplinary exchange of the visual arts. In our studio in calle Llibreteria, 7 principal, we exhibit renowned artists within the field of contemporary research, and we aim to be a platform for young creators from both our own country as well as abroad.entrada
MX Espai10ace where ancient techniques coexist with new technologies. We put special emphasis on exhibiting artists that create works of a pre-technological character with non-noble 10 is an open spmaterials and ephemeral works, while doing technical or scientific research applied to the visual arts.

Since 1998 Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez have been the driving force behind MX.Espai 1010, pushing it towards more innovative goals and maintaining constant risk as its hallmark.


The main emphases are: the dissemination of art today, the introduction of young creators, the presentation from an "unknown" perspective of recognized artists both from our country and abroad, the exchange with other studios elsewhere in the world, and the offering of a platform for research into developed structures, recovering a field that has been wiped off the artistic map.


MX.Espai 1010, located in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona between the cardo màximus and the highest point of Mont Tàber, has become a reference point in Barcelona among the eclectic and interdisciplinary studios that prioritize ideas over commercial viability.

MX Espai1010 conducts its annual programming with different cycles that are developed over the various seasons:

Cycle A: Other Skins / Altres pells / Otras pieles
Contemporary artists realize works with the common idea of solid structures and skin as a starting point. Curated by Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez.

Cycle B: Up-and-comers / Novíssims
New artists starting their careers with a research project. Curated by Nora Ancarola.

Cycle C: Minimal Art / Art mínim / Arte mínimo
Exhibition with the participation of artists from around the world, with small-format works made from ephemeral materials and with a common theme. Curated by Marga Ximenez.

Cycle D: Vídeopack / Vídeopak
Twelve videoinstallations of plastic artists who also work in video format maintain a dialog with each other. For two months three video installations are alternated every fortnight. Curated by Nora Ancarola.

Cycle E: Thresholds (the Unknown of the Known) / Llindars (desconegut dels coneguts) / Lindares (lo desconocido de los conocidos)
Renowned artists present unknown works. Curated by Nora Ancarola.

Exhibitions list.pdf (catalan)